Five Tips to Make Your Caravan Trip Less Stressful

Owning your own caravan or motor home is great fun, especially when the holidays roll around, but there are a few accessories that would make it much more comfortable and enjoyable, especially if you’re staying a way from holiday homes. Just some of these are:


  • Motorhome or caravan levellers, for use with a fridge. Unlike normal home fridges, some fridges that you find in caravans don’t have compressors, so in order for it to work well it needs to be level or four degreees either side. This is important when you run a three way fridge, whether it’s gas, 120 volt or 240 volt.


  • A spirit level! Check that your motorhome is pretty much level so that all of your appliances will work at their best. There are different shapes to choose from and can be mounted in a few places although near the jockey wheel tends to be most convenient, allowing for quick adjustments.


  • If you caravan has a shower, a toilet and a full kitchen, you might need more than the two standard water tanks which are often installed. A fresh water drinking hose which has been made just for caravans is designed so that leaving it out in the sun doesn’t affect the quality of the water, as it would with a normal garden. You should also have a waste water hose that can be rolled up, with a smooth bore internally to prevent water staying in the pipe to rot or spread.


  • The Couple Mate is an incredibly handy invention for anyone towing a caravan. It’s a self-aligning accessory that makes it possible to locate the trailer’s coupling without needed physical guidance. It doubles up as a theft deterrent, as it can be padlocked together once fitted. It’s perfect for anyone travelling although particularly revolutionary for solo travellers.


  • Towing mirrors are some of the most valuable pieces of kit in your collection. Although the type of them varies on your own vehicle, what mirrors are on the vehicle being towed and what you like yourself, there is a wide range to choose from. Newer, ratchet-type mirrors for caravans are now the most successful in all kinds of vehicles as they’re much less likely to be torn off.


With the correct accessories, your time in the caravan can be much easier and simpler than before – and by reducing the stress of things going wrong you will have more time to enjoy the experience of being out on the road. So stock up now before your next holiday!