Art in the Home

Here at Leeds Tapestry we are not just interested in public art, though we would never wish to reduce its importance, we feel that art can and should imbue all aspects of one’s daily life with beauty and meaning. We know the transformative power of art and beauty and we feel that on some level everybody knows this power. We all listen to a particular song at a particular time and are moved to tears. We all see a certain picture at a certain time and have to stop and feel some things for a short while. We have all stopped and stared at something beautiful, something awe-inspiring, something that transforms your world and you. Something great. That is Art, no matter what.


The Sistine Chapel. Most certainly art.

What I am hoping to be getting at here is that art is not always something that happens with in a picture frame, it is not the reserve of the artists and the elites, the galleries and the Gary-Art-Farty’s of this world. It can and should belong to all of us and it DOES belong to all of us. It is everywhere, it is in your house, you make it, like, all the time.

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I painted this. It depicts Mr and Mrs Tony Blair.

The reason this is all coming to me is that we had a conservatory installed last week and it just had a very profound effect on me. It is really hard to describe. i just felt like, I don’t know, like I was inside and outside at the same time. It is just incredible, I don’t know how they do it.

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Damn you glass deception trap!

We got a conservatory from Allerton Windows in Bootle and it really is beautiful, it is art in our house and it really is beautiful. And the men and women who put it up where artists. It was all very impressive and I’m trying to appreciate it every time I see it. So I’m writing this to implore you  to do the same. Appreciate what is around you a little more, and please tell us what it is you’e found to appreciate. We wan’t to know! We must know! PLEASE LET US KNOW!


We are so alone.